Thin diamond rings

I'm not a fan of big sparkly rings, they're just really not very me at all but these tiny, dainty rings would make me very happy. I'd love the first one but in White Gold please :)

Blanca Monrós Gómez Seed Ring
Jennifer Meyer White Gold Thin Diamond Ring
Yayoi Forest Knot Ring
Satomi Kawakita Point Ring
Gabriela Artigas Single Diamond White Gold Ring
Gabriela Artigas Mini Diamond Ring


  1. I agree these simple diamond rings are more pleasant. I love the rose gold band and petite diamond.

  2. Thin diamond rings are also quite fashionable. These tiny bands would look perfect with equally dainty bracelets or a strappy watch. All things considered, it all boils down to the wearer's preference as to the style of accessory they are most comfortable with.

  3. There might some different approaches according to place or knowledge. Your skills depends on how you got an opportunity and where you have trained. Personal or professional training might distinguish between each other.


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