New shorts

Ph. Me.

Now all I need is for the sun to show its face.
Oh, and you've probably noticed I've changed the layout of my blog so some of the older posts might not be aligned correctly.

P.S. You can now find me on twitter, here.


  1. A great pair of denim shorts for summer is like the little black dress for every season - essential, can be dressed up and down and should last you for years. As for the piercings, I'm thinking of getting the one I commented on below on my OTHER ear that doesn't have the tragus because like you, I'm thinking it might be a little too intense looking. Also, I might only get 2 studs instead of 3 as my ear isn't quite shaped the same way as the girl's ear in the picture is. Thanks for stopping by my blog again :)

    xx from Montreal,

    I Bleed Fashion

  2. I love your short, I would wear a lot. I have similar short in my outfits.
    You can see similar short in this pages of my blog:




  3. I like basic pieces like this (If you want some sun, come to Texas! Although the heat is a bit of a deal-breaker.) and I usually like to pair this kind of short with stocking during spring and fall.

  4. Cute shorts.



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